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Where Can I Go Social Ballroom & Latin Dancing in Adelaide?

When it comes to your dancing journey, there are a few different ways to get to where you're going. Some people learn to dance by themselves. Some people learn with a partner. Some people mostly do group classes while others opt to focus on private classes. The end goal however is the same: to be able to go out and feel confident and comfortable at a social dance. Often the first time on a social dance floor can be extremely daunting. You might have only had a limited number of classes and for some reason it feels like everyone is watching (the reality is they're not). Everyone has been there. Try not to get to overwhelmed, be attentive to whoever you're dancing with and focus on the rhythm of the dance and having fun.

So where should you go social dancing in Adelaide? Well most studios will put on social dance nights for their students. The SA Ballroom & Latin social dance is at the Walkerville RSL on the last Friday of the month. It's primarily for our students but the general public can also attend for a small door charge. Our instructors are there to ensure things run smoothly, the bar is open and it's all about having a good time and putting into practice what you've been learning in class. In terms of improving your dancing, social dance nights are just as important as classes. The best way to get better at leading and following is... to lead and follow.

Another freestyle Ballroom and Latin social dance we often attend is held upstairs at the Fogalar Furlan Italian club in Felixstow. This venue has a beautiful big dance floor and is well attended and represented by just about all the social Ballroom and Latin dance studios in Adelaide. The dates for the rest of 2021 are listed below. It's always a good night.

If Latin dancing is your thing there's no shortage of social dance nights and afternoons put on by the various street Latin dance studios. It's fair to say that in any big city, including Adelaide, there's somewhere to go out salsa dancing almost every night of the week and it can be a lot of fun. So once you've had a few class don't be afraid to get out there and give it a shot and see which of the social dance nights suit you the best.

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Peter Hauser
Peter Hauser
Jun 24, 2023

hi .. where can i dance / or lessons , around the 7 th to the 11 july , near vale park way .. thankyou Peter Hauser 0417830085

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