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What Makes a Good Social Dancer?

Social Ballroom and Latin dancing has a very different skill set to competition or sequence dancing. One of the main differences for social dancers is that they dance with many different people instead of just one. So the ability to adapt to different partners is important, particularly if you're leading. The last thing you want to do is lead complicated step patterns that are too difficult for the person you're dancing with. Keeping things simple always works best on the social dance floor. It's not a competition, there are no judges, and although it may feel like everyone is watching - they're probably not. There's no imperative to try and impress anyone by leading convoluted steps. More often than not the end result of trying to lead difficult steps result in your partner becoming confused and feeling like they've done something wrong. Which is the exact opposite of what you should be aiming for.

As a social dancer you have a big responsibility to ensure the person you're dancing with feels comfortable and enjoys the experience. It's sort of the whole point. Some social dancers are difficult to dance with not because they're intentionally leading or following badly but they just haven't had enough classes to be confident in what they're dancing. That's where we can help. SA Ballroom and Latin specialises in social dancing. Everything we teach is designed to be danced "lead and follow" in social setting. Our entire syllabus is taught in a systematic way for beginners to learn new elements and techniques easily. This enables someone completely new to dancing feel comfortable and confident on the social dance floor in a short time.

Whether it's is Waltz or Salsa, there are certain things about each dance is structured that will enable you to give your dance partner a positive experience. It's actually quite a big responsibility. In the same way you wouldn't want to perform a medical operation on someone unless you're qualified and confident in what you're doing, you don't really want to social dance with others until you're sure you know the steps and timing. If you look at a social dance floor, all of the people that are dancing really well... they more than likely had dance classes.

We've been teaching people how to social dance for over 15 years, and there aren't many social dance floors in Adelaide that don't have some of our current or past students on them (hopefully the ones that are dancing well and making sure their dance partner is enjoying themselves). So if you like the idea of others enjoying themselves when they dance with you... message us about dance classes! We'd love to help make you the most popular dancer at the social night.


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